We’re seeking your help!  We’d appreciate receiving any photos of former ACCESS meetings so we can post them on our website. Photos of field trips, presenters, banquets, etc. would be terrific! Please send them to Gail Chmura and be sure to include a caption and photo credit. Thanks!

ACCESS 2011 at St. Francis Xavier University:

Attentive students enjoy the opening keynote speaker

Opening keynote by Alan Critchley from Acadian Seaplants

Jon Grant speaks about marine science for coastal communities

Chris McCarthy and Jim Williams chat during a coffee break

ACCESS president Katherine Jones, president-elect Melisa Wong, and secretary Tim Rawlins enjoy a coffee break


Is it break time yet?

2.  Enjoying the banquet!




Bruce Hatcher (CBU) and Jennie Gouthro (Hoskins Scientific) chat during a break

Graduate students (L-R) Betsey Irish, Marie-Josee Abgrall, and Erinn Ipsen, winners of the poster quiz!

6.  Winner of the Hoskins Scientific gift basket!   Thanks Jennie!

Jennie Gouthro (L) of Hoskin Scientific presents the Hoskin Scientific Best Undergraduate Poster Award to Norah Brown of St. Francis Xavier University (C) as ACCESS president Melisa Wong (R) looks on.

ACCESS 2007 at Cape Breton University:

ACCESS attendees at the banquet, CBU 2007.  (K. Jones)

Attendees at the banquet, CBU 2007.  (K. Jones)

Student conference coordinator, Jared Tomie (currently an MSc student with Simon Courtenay).  (K. Jones)

Mark Hanson presenting award to Jon Stackpool for designing the ACCESS logo.  (K. Jones)

Jennie Gouthro (Hoskin Scientific) presenting best poster award to Katie Boutilier.  (K. Jones)

Ken Able addressing the “Putting the Fun in Fundulus Workshop”. Dr. Able was the keynote speaker for the ACCESS conference.  (K. Jones)

Marc Ouellette and Mark Hanson at the banquet.   (K. Jones)

Tim Rawlings (CBU) and Adam Mugridge (Louisbourg Seafoods) at the mixer.  (K. Jones)

Gary Bugden and Tim Milligan at the mixer.  (K. Jones)

Tim Milligan, Simon Courtenay, and Wendy MacKenzie at the banquet.   (K. Jones)